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A request to add a URL corresponding to the web-page or site on which the copyright owner identified unlawful use of their content into the database of Dr.Web SpIDer Gate.

Only actual copyright owners or their authorised agents can use this form to report infringement of their exclusive right to the content.

By completing and filing the request, you agree that Doctor Web will process your personal data in order to determine the copyright owner for the specified content. The rules for collecting and processing information are described in Doctor Web's Privacy Policy. When filing a copyright infringement request, you will need to provide proof of of your copyright ownership.

Questionnaire for the content copyright holder

Full name (*)
E-mail (*)
Country (*)
Full company name (or the name of the sole proprietorship) whose copyright has been infringed upon (*)
Tax Identification Number (*)
Your job title (*)
Company (sole proprietorship) website (*)
Infringed content type (*)
Information regarding infringement of the copyright to the content
URL corresponding to the site or web page on which the copyright owner has identified infringement of their exclusive copyright to the content (*)

Description of the method and other circumstances of illegal use of your content (*)

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